Libyans in the diaspora

We always have to go into the letters and messages that reach us beyond borders, seas and oceans, but this time we got messages from Libyan women settling outside Libya, experiencing different situations in other societies. And in this photo portraiture we will present their lives with migration in scenes.

Customary marriage in Sebha

As soon as you start reading the title of the article you would think that customary marriage is an event that only occurs in soap operas and other communities but not in Libya, although here in Sebha, a city that is located 750 km away south of Tripoli where hundreds of such cases were discovered annually, and from here the journey of discovering the invisible face of this phenomena starts.

Libyan Amazigh ..The struggle of identity

Although the historical and anthropological dimension says that the Libyan people are Amazigh, but the current seismic reality is considering that Amazigh in this region are only Tifinagh language speakers, and among this, the Amazigh are struggling in Libya today to conserve their identity

Hijab in Libya, a habit or a devotion!

Hijab is considered one of the most important icons of clothing for women in North Africa in general and in Libya in particular, which develops with the progress of personal ideas and individual beliefs of each woman alone, in this article we review a number of women’s experiences with hijab in Libya.