Libyan Remains with no trace

Everyone is aware of the extent of the flagrant violations that are taking place recently in Libya to the Libyan remains, and in return, there is no sign of any clear international or domestic reaction. This article reviews a number of deals made by some of the Libyan antiquities and antique merchants electronically and on social networking pages

Tebu.. citizens out of context

Do not try to look at the Libyan mosaics just once. You have to look deeper to learn that Libya’s cultural and racial background is a huge mix of diversity. The surrounding nature of people on African Mediterranean soil has helped to strengthen this cultural and ethnological heritage.

A Journey with Soad… (A Minor in the Female Jail)

“Soad” is the first Libyan minor detained in the female’s jail that lives without legal documents between homeless life and prison, due to her family’s ignorance! The upcoming story is a journey within a world we’ve never been used to hear about a girl opened her eyes on displacement within a community that she might be jailed for a t.

A Form of communication between people

Marriage is considered to be one of the most important forms of communication between people, and a real connection for culture and social exchange between them. In addition to marriage between races, nationalities and roots is a motive to improve the human relations and anthropology. Mixed marriage has a strong effect in the social and … Read more